14 March update: please read

Outline: we have some new stocks and some information for clients who made orders last month (Febuary). Firstly, few products have been added to our inventory for our nice brothers and sisters out there (clients), amonst which we have the legandery “super K” and mephedrone. we have already added ketamine while we decide on how … [Read more…]

Communication update

to better serve you, we have decided that all communication should be done either via live chat or by mail at only please understand the system and don’t be sending mails asking what we already explained on our blog: so please read on “how ordering works” by clicking here

New stock

We have some new stocks of even better quality, some product have been upgraded. we have intergraded with a friendly lab that produces MXE of better quality than ours and we have gone into contract to buy all their supply. This will give us time to focus on the products we are able to provide … [Read more…]

Sorry for incoviniences

Discreetshop haven been available for the past few days, not only have we been through several none disclossable issues but we also seized communication with clients temporally. however everything have been restored except the following: We have lost order data of more than 522 orders. however these are mainly delivered and confirmed orders except for … [Read more…]

Few tips

#1. Those who bought bitcoins while prices were low, now is the best time for you to order since you must have gotten additional $$$ due to the increase in exchange rate. we understand, it’s a good feelings to wake up in the morning , check your wallet and see free 20k. Bitcoins price fluctuation … [Read more…]

Update done

All the update have been made, was mainly updates. due to some ordering issues that clients had. but everything is up and runing now. Happy SHopping !

Best News ever

we now have drops (we package land before being forwarded to our valuable end clients) at more locations: adding to the already available USA and Germany, we now have a drop at: CA, AU and UK so we can do domestic delivery for all these locations now and we are working hard to add more … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas

Happy holiday to you all ! new updates: 1. we are rolling out all gift cards as the year end, it ends with gift card option. everybody will have to get bitcoin except we change our mind. at the moment only Amazon and vanilla gift cards are accepted. we will also start accepting bank deposit … [Read more…]

Update 23/12/15

Please only place an order when you are ready to buy. you can add products to your shopping cart etc but only use the checkout button when ready to purchase. if you have any pre-sales questions, please either contact us by mail at [email protected] or through live chat. once you make your order and pay … [Read more…]