How to order

This guide will help you on how to buy any of our products effortlessly. so follow bellow guide to get started: Look for your required product and click add to cart , see image bellow: You can select as much products as you want and add them to cart, meanwhile you can as well select … [Read more…]

We care about you, More than you do to yourself

Many people don’t know the risk of using their personal financial information like credit card details etc on online shops, people don’t know about phishing and other hacking methods used by hackers and scammers to get financial information of people, in one way or the other its very insecure to use your financial information on … [Read more…]

User accounts deleted

Updates from admin: if you have noticed, we have changed our add to cart system into a catalog system and today, we have deleted some user accounts that we previously registered when we were using the add to cart system. If you try logging into your account and see user account blocked or not found, … [Read more…]

Service update

Service update After receiving many emails from clients requesting to pay by the insecure, centralized, uncomfortable western union payment, we have decided to add this feature along with bank account direct payment, we have been accepting Bank account payments by mail to clients, so we have decided to extend our reach to online audience as well … [Read more…]

Server downtime

Discreet shop server was down for some minutes now and we apologize for all inconvenience for accessing our website, this downtime didn’t affect order processing, all orders have been processed normally and delivery have been sent out as usual. but for those who wanted to make a new order while the server was down.   … [Read more…]