We care about you, More than you do to yourself

Many people don’t know the risk of using their personal financial information like credit card details etc on online shops, people don’t know about phishing and other hacking methods used by hackers and scammers to get financial information of people, in one way or the other its very insecure to use your financial information on vendor’s website. if you don’t have full knowledge of how to know a phishing website from a true legit website then its advisable to always use services like paypal while making sure its the real Paypal website, also if you want to purchase using your paypal account or you just received an email stating its from Paypal, you should be sure its really the true Paypal, read more on their website about Paypal phishing at their website:

Why you should not use your credit card/Bank account online

Before we started this online store (since we only operated offline before), we searched amongst several online stores of our vertical and we discovered only few legit stores like s…road and the rest was just fake sites, trying to get your financial information, money etc and use them for several illegal purposes. i can’t list those foolish websites here, this is not a review website, its an online store and this guide is only meant to educate our client and those still in doubt of why we love working through bitcoin. When buying product of this vertical (research chemicals etc), you should consider both your privacy, safety and where you spend your money.

What you can lost just by submitting your data to fake sites

If for any reasons, your financial information is submitted to any of those fake websites, they will not just be able to see them but they will ridiculously spend your hard earned money online, buying things you have no idea of with your money or they can even transfer the money to their account and cash them out. they will continually spend everything in your account until you have no balance left, its better you stay safe, use bitcoin to buy not just because of maximum privacy but also to protect your cash from the hands of the wrong guys. We are not claiming that only us and few other online stores are real, we just mean to say that, rather than jumping around getting scammed by fake stores, why can’t you just stick with us ?

Why you should use bitcoin and where to get it

Bitcoin is very simple to use, payment by bitcoin is like sending a text message, you can use online bitcoin wallets to store them and use real exchangers that are registered physically and well known all over the world like www.coinbase.com and www.coin.mx ..  getting bitcoin is not hard but if its your first time, then you will have to register and verify your account at the exchanger’s website, we highly recommend you to exchange your USD or any other currency to Bitcoin using a registered exchangers. you can read more 

What we care about most

We love you and we care about your privacy the most, even if you are a registered researcher, its not advisable to buy research chemicals online in an insecure or none discreet manner, if you haven noticed, we are “Discretus Shop” and we ensure you maximum discreetness right from communication with us, payment and delivery, everything is Discreet with us.

Our level of discreetness

We are discreet in such a way that; even if you are an agent of the DEA, trying to buy from us in other to get info about us, you will successfully buy and receive the products you ordered, without us having any sensitive information about you or you having any of such info about us.


Our Goal

We want to make our brand well known all over the world of being the most Discreet online Shop in the whole planet, we also operate in the Tor  Network and we will be posting our Tor links lately, as our brand awareness increases, we might have to permanently move to the Tor Network to ensure even more maximum privacy for both us and our clients, we have prepared to be the best online discreet shop in the world and we are moving towards the goal in full speed and we need you alongside with us. if you don’t buy from us, how will you know how incredible our service is ?




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