New Stock – huge discount

Our new batch of uncut ice for sale just arrived for distribution. We have huge discounts and will upfront selective new clients for trust building process. as you might already know, we dont ship from overseas to clients directly. For clients in North America, we shship from our distributors within USA, no custom check needed. … [Read more…]

be patient if there is delay

this notice is for new customers, for those located in different countries or distant state should wait up to 7 days. If after 5 days you haven recieved, we will hand over tracking number to you. if package is missing, we will reship. Note that all packages usually reach destination within 3 days as with … [Read more…]

improved purity on all products

wesome purity rate of our products, we have worked restless   to improve its quality and to eliminate products of purity level bellow 95   The safety of our clients is at the toppest of our proirity and we will always boost of the quality of our products. We have also taken the opportunity to … [Read more…]

Best week

We have recorded higher success rate over the past week, we broke our records and reached 100% success rate in a month, we have few packages still in processing and we expect them to reach their destinations safely. with our improved packaging methods and advance x-ray/drug dog’s detection prevention technics, we can’t be more sure … [Read more…]

Our goal this year

Update #1: Purity and quality assurance. we aim at archiving 100% purity of most or all of our products this year and to continually provide faster and efficient delivery. we at Discretus Shop have dedicated our lives to eliminate all the sales of bad substances in the market due to the greedy nature of resellers … [Read more…]

lsd Stock available

Greetings valued clients, we have updated you guys publicly for a while now, due to the fact that we were busy upgrading everything in the backend to provide a more better service, which is what happen when educated people are behind the keyboard to make you smile all the time. we will make discreet shop … [Read more…]

Cocaine Pure Update

As you may have noticed, our pure cocaine was protected with password and we only shipped to select locations etc, after inensive test, we have had a wonderful success rate and as such we have decided to put it open for everyone to order, its purely safe and the discreetness is assured. we know what … [Read more…]