Our goal this year

Update #1: Purity and quality assurance.

we aim at archiving 100% purity of most or all of our products this year and to continually provide faster and efficient delivery.

we at Discretus Shop have dedicated our lives to eliminate all the sales of bad substances in the market due to the greedy nature of resellers who buy, dilute and resale fake unoriginal substances which courses damage to consumer’s health.

everyone deceive good quality product, your neighbor likes what you buy or not, you still deserve the best quality of whatever you buy and quality shouldn’t be abused for profit.

stay safe and know we are ensuring greater purity on each new batch.

Update #2:Communications

We had some delay in communications lately due to some upgrades on both our servers and physical infrastructures, however everything is ready and reply should be expected within 48 hours. so don’t be anxious when there is little delay.

Secondly, Our live chat agents aren’t available at the moment, we are preparing them with further studies on SE since we were receiving social engineering attacks from people who collected more than 3kg of free samples last year and some other flows in terms of security. we want them to focus on sales and assistance, nothing personal or something to review personal info.


Update #3:  About us

we are an established lab based in Germany, we have been producing and selling products for many years however not online to clients directly as we do now, but we had wholesalers who would buy, resell and others distribute, however during this former process, there were too much drop in quality since it came to our attention of other substances being mixed with the original to increase profit. so we decided to come online and sell directly to clients on this platform and to educate others on the type of products to buy or not to buy.


Update #4 Test kits

Test kits will be available soon and will be given free to all buyers of 500g and above of any of our products, so you can test the quality of not only our products but of the products from other vendors, materials on using test kits and knowledge on properly testing products before any usage would be published. health is much more important than profit and that should be our focus.


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