lsd Stock available

Greetings valued clients,

we have updated you guys publicly for a while now, due to the fact that we were busy upgrading everything in the backend to provide a more better service, which is what happen when educated people are behind the keyboard to make you smile all the time. we will make discreet shop safe, simple and easy like amazon which you are used too. however discreet shop is build with privacy in mind and made to be more secure with industrial grade encryption. So that you might seamlessly shop more comfortably.


The good news is that, LSD for sale is now available and are being added to the shop as you read, orders are open and we will allow the ordering of 1g by clients for a while, so proper quality assessment might be done before we raise the limit to at least 10g so both individual users and resellers would be able to buy.


happy shopping.


Discretus Admin

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