Update 23/12/15

Please only place an order when you are ready to buy. you can add products to your shopping cart etc but only use the checkout button when ready to purchase. if you have any pre-sales questions, please either contact us by mail at [email protected] or through live chat. once you make your order and pay for them, we process and ship. this is how the process works.

Once an order is placed, the status shows: “on hold”, once payment is made it changes to “processing” we only consider orders which shows “processing” if payment method is bitcoin.

After 6 confirmations for all orders paid for using bitcoin, the order status will automatically change from “on hold” to “processing” if for any reason it does not change, please contact us immediately by mail at: [email protected] or using the live chat.

Moreover For orders paid for using Amazon gift card (of which we will discontinue soon) we manually change the status of the order from “on hold” to “processing”

Lastly, once the status changes from “processing” to “completed”, it means your order have been shipped. so expect your package according to your delivery duration as per your shipping method (express or standard) and your destination country.

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