Sorry for incoviniences

Discreetshop haven been available for the past few days, not only have we been through several none disclossable issues but we also seized communication with clients temporally. however everything have been restored except the following:

  1. We have lost order data of more than 522 orders. however these are mainly delivered and confirmed orders except for few of which were to be delivered this past week of which we didn’t. please its required that if you can’t see your order within your account or noticed that your account is not found on our system, create a new account and continue shopping.
  2. Undelivered none tracable orders, if your order haven been delivered, meaning if you haven received a mail stating “order completed” and receive the package, please to let us know at: [email protected] with your order mail, the mail sent by our shop regarding your order.

thanks for trusting Discretus Shops. We (Discretus Admins) are working hard day and night to provide an easy to use, powerful and secure online shopping experience, we know what we are doing so just enjoy the ride !.


Happy shopping



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