Few tips

#1. Those who bought bitcoins while prices were low, now is the best time for you to order since you must have gotten additional $$$ due to the increase in exchange rate. we understand, it’s a good feelings to wake up in the morning , check your wallet and see free 20k. Bitcoins price fluctuation seems like a risk but yeah the gain is perfect.

#2.  Stop buying online gift cards and sending to our email, we will never accept this, neither now or in the next two century, if you don’t care about your privacy, we do !. those who don’t want to use bitcoins in buying, make sure your cards are physically purchased with cash, not using your credit/debit card.

NB. the #1 tip is just my personal message as one of the Admin of DS and meanwhile #2 is the actual update i was instructed to post, hope the two tips help you all in earning higher.


Happy shopping !


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