14 March update: please read

Outline: we have some new stocks and some information for clients who made orders last month (Febuary).

Firstly, few products have been added to our inventory for our nice brothers and sisters out there (clients), amonst which we have the legandery “super K” and mephedrone. we have already added ketamine while we decide on how the quantities and prices of which we will list mephedrone and few others.

Secondly, if you placed an order on Febuary and haven received it yet, please send us an email to us in this format :

Order number

Confirmation of delivery address.

we will issue a full reship and use a new parcel forwarders of which we have been using for the past few months on large orders and have gotten an outstanding success rate. so please get back to us within the week for a fast reship and a tracking number will be handed over to you.

we hope you enjoy shopping with us and we expect your shopping cart to be more loaded on your next order.

stay safe !

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