New stock

We have some new stocks of even better quality, some product have been upgraded.

we have intergraded with a friendly lab that produces MXE of better quality than ours and we have gone into contract to buy all their supply. This will give us time to focus on the products we are able to provide 85-90% purity to make them reach 100%.

so you will notice some small price increase on some products, already placed orders will be shipped at the price they paid for but you will have to pay at the new rate during your next order. Discretus Shop have not only been offline for a while but have been upgrading behind the scence, both physically and virtually.

Secondly, we have hired some new Discretus Admins to facilitate with the sales and communications, meaning faster responds to mails and faster order processing. Our goal is to provide “same day” dispatch of orders for all our products. not only on few, as you know “bigger orders first !”

We hope you enjoy shopping, if opera mini don’t allow you to view our site, please swicth to firefox or google chrome, Opera is having problem decrypting the data our server send to make them visible with you.

Happy Shopping

Best regards

Discretus Admin


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