The effects of a 120mg dose of MDMA For sale are recorded in Dr. Alexander Shulgin’s lab notes, September 1976.

Oral MDMA Dosages

Threshold………………………………………………30 mg
Light……………………………………………………..40 – 75 mg
Common (small or sensitive people)…………..60 – 90 mg
Common (most people)……………………………75 – 125 mg
Common (large or less sensitive people)……110 – 150 mg
Strong…………………………………………………..150 – 200 mg
Heavy……………………………………………………200 + mg

Onset : 30 – 70 minutes (depending on stomach contents)
Duration : 3 – 5 hours
Normal After Effects : up to 24 hours

A standard dose is between 80 – 150 mg (0.8 – 0.15 grams), depending on body weight and individual tolerance. MDMA is taken orally, easily dissolved in a glass of water. buy MDMA for sale online is not recommended for intra-nasal use. Unlike many other substances, taking a higher dosage is not necessarily better, as your brain has a limited reserve of serotonin to release for one evening. Find your ‘sweet spot’ dose and stick with it. For most people this will be between 100 and 130mg in my experience.

MDMA should not be taken every day, simply because your tolerance has an extremely high curve, that also resets to 0 easily given enough time. If you take MDMA three days in a row, on the third day (and for a lot of people even on the second day), you will likely feel nothing at all. This is because MDMA is causing your brain to release all the stored ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters it has on hand, and those stores need time to be replenished, otherwise the medicine will literally have no effect.

MDMA should be saved for special occasions, and I personally recommend that you limit your use to no more than one usage per week.

Also, please understand that MDMA is a serotonergic, meaning it affects primarily the serotonin neurotransmitters. Mushrooms are also a serotonergic. This means that while it is possible to combine the two at one time for a really amazing trip, these substances should be treated similarly in terms of spacing the dosing apart. If you eat mushrooms on Tuesday, you should not eat MDMA on Wednesday and expect to have a full trip (or perhaps any trip at all!). Same for the other way around. Both of these are draining your serotonin temporarily, and it needs time to recover.

MDMA will stimulate your body as well as your mind, and it is important to take some common sense precautions in advance to make sure you don’t overheat. Your resting heart rate will increase by about ~20 beats per minute (perfectly safe for healthy individuals), so patients with a heart condition are urged to utilize caution. Every year there are a very small number of people who get hurt taking MDMA, and the most common cause is a combination of dehydration and overheating. MDMA makes you feel like dancing, which is great, but pay attention to your bodies needs. If you are going to go out dancing, go to the beach, play sports, etc., it is important to make sure you have enough cool water to drink and splash on your face if necessary.

Take any new psychoactive substance with friends you trust, in a familiar and comfortable setting, and when you are in a sound state of mind. MDMA will keep you awake for several hours, so do not take it very late at night and expect to get a lot of sleep.

Please make absolutely certain to research very well what medications you are currently taking (if any) before trying MDMA. There are some medications that are extremely dangerous (or even potentially fatal) to be on while taking MDMA. MAOIs (mono-amine oxidase inhibitors) of any kind are what you need to look out for primarily. Do not ever take MDMA with any other drug, pharmaceutical or otherwise, that may contain a MAOI. Ayahuasca is a good example of a psychedelic drug that contains a MAOI. Some prescription medications are MAOIs. Please be careful, and while I am not a pharmacist, I am happy to help you research any questions you may have. You are safe to ask your medical professional if you are taking any MAOIs, it is a common class of medications to ask about, and it is important to know whether you are taking an MAOI regardless of whether or not you take MDMA. Eating preserved meats, for example, is dangerous while on an MAOI (the more you know!).

There are also many medications that will cause MDMA to be completely non-functional, and many that MDMA will cause to be non-functional. SSRIs (e.g. Zoloft, Prozac, Seroquel) are of primary concern, but there are many others. MDMA has strong potential to be an alternative route of treatment, but should never be used in conjunction with these pharmaceuticals.

To summarize: MDMA is a powerful, life-altering substance. Show it respect, and utilize common sense and caution. Do not mix two powerful substances inside your body if you are not sure of the effects they will have together.

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Governments around the world have largely decided to put MDMA in the same category as all the other most powerful medicines the people have: illegal. This means there is a very limited amount of research available on the potential therapeutic benefits of MDMA, but those benefits are very real all the same. The small amount of research that is carried out has amazing results.

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Both MAPS and Erowid are excellent organizations, and I would encourage you to donate any left over coins you have to them to further this important work.

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