Research chemicals sample pack


This sample pack will include the following products and shall be updated continually as we add new products:

Research chemicals sample pack content:

  1. 3 grams PB-22
  2. 3 grams 5F-AKB48
  3. 3 grams AM-2201
  4. 3 grams 25 I-NBOMe
  5. 3 grams Pentedrone
  6. 3 grams 2-FMA
  7. 3 grams 4-MEC
  8. 3 grams Methylone Crystals
  9. 3 grams MDPV
  10. 3 grams MDMA

International Discreet Shipping charges for the sample pack is: 30$ only.

You can request to swap a product for another not listed but the over all number of products per sample pack wouldn’t exceed 10.

we might add the list but will also increment the price. if for any reason you will like to talk with us, feel free to contact us.


we consider this pack Free


Research chemicals sample pack

exclusively for retailers ready to start trading with us, both small and big retailers, we are always open to new business relationship. contact us if you feel you have an opinion or option.


on each of the product in the pack, we send our lowest quality of 1 gram and our highest quality of 2 grams. meaning that you will know our quality range and best make your order with us. for researchers ready to enter into business, please contact us directly for more information.