• CAS: 1239943-76-0
  • Formula: C15H21NO2
  • Molecular weight: 247.33
  • Compound purity: > 99.7%
  • Related substance: Total Impurities(%) ≤ 0.3%
  • Appearance: Powder
  • IUPAC: (RS)2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-(ethylamino)cyclohexanone
  • Synonyms: MXE, 3-MeO-2-Oxo-PCE



Methoxetamine for sale online

Methoxetamine for sale also known as 3-MeO-2-Oxo-PCE and MXE for sale with a IUPAC name of (RS)2-(3-methoxyphenyl)-2-(ethylamino)cyclohexanone is a research chemical. It is a derivative of ketamine, however, it also has structural features that are close to 3-MeO-PCP and eticyclidine. It acts like a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and NMDA receptor antagonist. It is white powder that offers a low solubility in isopropanol but is soluble in ethanol at 10 mg/ml at 25°C

The molecular formula for Methoxetamine for sale is C15H21NO2 with a molecular weight of 247.33 g/mol, an average mass of 247.332703 Da and a monoisotopic mass of 247.157227 Da.

What is buy methoxetamine online?

Buy Methoxetamine online (MXE for sale) is a dissociative medication, and that implies it makes individuals feel isolated or separated from their body or actual climate. Dissociatives are like hallucinogenics, they can cause pipedreams and different changes in contemplations, feelings and consciousness.

buy Methoxetamine USA may likewise be known as buy M-ket for sale, buy Kmax and buy Mexxy.

Methoxetamine for sale online is likewise a New Psychoactive Substance (NPS). NPSs are a scope of medications that have been intended to emulate existing illegal medications. On account of MXE sales, it endeavors to reproduce the impacts of ketamine and has been showcased and sold online as a lawful other option. Notwithstanding, in certain states and regions, NPSs are illegal.3

buy MXE online is for the most part sold as a white, grayish, beige or yellow powder yet can likewise be tracked down in case or fluid structure. It is frequently marked as “Not so much for Human Consumption” to keep away from lawful limitations with respect to the importation and offer of unlawful medications and NPSs. All medications sold in powder structure might be sold cut (blended) with different substances, which can decrease the immaculateness of the portion and make accidental impacts. This implies that the impacts can be eccentric

How could it be utilized?
buy Methoxetamine USA is generally grunted, gulped or injected.2

One of the main distinctions among ketamine and MXE for sale in Canada is the time span before its belongings are felt. Methoxetamine for sale UK is supposed to be more slow acting, yet all at once more intense and enduring. It can take somewhere in the range of 5-an hour and a half to feel the impacts. This has prompted individuals going too far, as they have taken extra portions while trusting that the impact will be felt. When taken orally, the impacts are normally felt inside 15-45 minutes. In the wake of grunting, the impacts are accounted for to happen inside a couple minutes.5

Impacts of Methoxetamine for sale

Europe (MXE for sale europe)
There is no protected degree of medication use.

Utilization of any medication generally conveys some gamble. It’s essential to be cautious while taking any sort of medication.

MXE can influence everybody in an unexpected way, in view of:

the sum taken
an individual’s level, weight and wellbeing
whether the individual is accustomed to taking it
whether different medications are taken around a similar time
the strength of the medication (which can change from one clump to another).
In little dosages the accompanying impacts might happen and may keep going for as long as 7 hours:

charming tangible experience
distinctive pipedreams
hostile to depressant2, 3, 5
A few unfavorable impacts include:

fast pulse
slurring or trouble talking
psychomotor tumult for example tapping or pacing.2, 3
Higher portions or long haul utilization of MXE can prompt:

cardiovascular issues
respiratory harm
expanded hazard of injury
discourse hardships
cognitive decline
fits of anxiety
depression.2, 3
Likewise with ketamine, long haul utilization of MXE is additionally connected with kidney harm and cystitis.2

Utilizing methoxetamine with different medications
The impacts of consolidating drugs – including over-the-counter or endorsed prescriptions – can be eccentric and perilous. There is little proof accessible on the impacts of MXE when joined with different medications. Episodic reports propose that blending MXEMethoxetamine in with liquor, pot and antidepressants ought to be kept away from

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