Formal Name : N-​[(1S)-​1-​(aminocarbonyl)-​2-​methylpropyl]-​1-​(cyclohexylmethyl)-​1H-​indazole-​3-​carboxamide
CAS Number : 1185887-21-1
Molecular Formula : C20H28N4O2
Formula Weight : 356.5
Formulation : A crystalline solid
Purity : ≥98%
λmax : 210, 303 nm
Stability : 2 years


AB-CHMINACA for sale

Buy AB-FUBINACA is an indazole-based synthetic cannabinoid (CB) with 10-fold higher affinity relating to the main CB1 receptor (Ki = 0.9 nM) in contrast to JWH 018 .

AB-FUBINACA for sale online was initially synthesized by Pfizer, Inc. as an effective powerful CB1 receptor modulator for possible therapeutic usage, however not too long ago had been discovered together with AB-PINACA in prohibited herbal products.

Buy AB-CHMINACA is structurally relevant to AB-FUBINACA For sale which includes a cyclohexyl group replaced for the 4-fluorophenyl group. The physical and toxicological attributes associated with the substance haven’t been identified. The product was created for research and forensic purposes.

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Dosage of AB-CHMINACA for sale online

Presumes no tolerance

Threshold < 1 mg Light 1 – 2 mg

Common 1 – 3 mg

Strong 4 – 5 mg

Heavy > 5 mg

Duration AB-CHMINACA for sale 

Total 1 – 2 hours
Onset 0 – 20 minutes
Peak 30 – 60 minutes
Offset 10 – 20 minutes
Afterglow 15 – 30 minutes

Legal issues AB-CHMINACA

  • USA: In January 2014, AB-FUBINACA was designated as a Schedule I controlled substance in the United States.
Side effects of buy for sale online AB-CHMINACA

In this review, the valine subordinate AB-CHMINACA and the tert-leucine subsidiary MDMB-CHMICA (“third era of SCs”) appear to be related with more extreme clinical harmfulness than was recently detailed in patients presented to before age SCs, for example, JWH-018. In any case, this perception should be affirmed with a bigger partner of patients with scientifically affirmed maltreatment of third era SCs. The quick turnover of SCs on the medication market along with the event of SCs, for example, AB-CHMINACA and MDMB-CHMICA is disturbing, particularly due to the out of the blue high recurrence of neuropsychiatric side effects.